Five Things Radiant Heaters Do Better Than Other Heating Systems

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Even this is hard to enjoy if you're cold
Even this is hard to enjoy when you're cold.

I was eating dinner out with a friend last week, when my buddy commented about the heating situation in the restaurant.

"I keep getting hot and then cold again. The heat comes in waves. My body's uncomfortably warm and then I'm freezing," he complained.

I turned my attention away from my General Tso's chicken and looked up at the ceiling. The restaurant was using old convective forced-air heaters. The warmth these heaters produced was inconsistent and uncomfortable to say the least.

I started to think about the benefits of infrared electric radiant heat. Yes, using a CeramiCircuit™ heating system significantly cuts down on heating and maintenance costs, but in most cases, Radiant Electric Heat's infrared heaters simply do a better job than other heating systems. I knew my friend and I wouldn't have felt inconsistent warmth if the restaurant had used a CeramiCircuit™ heating system. With a CeramiCircuit™ system we could enjoy our order of dumplings in complete comfort.


Let's take a look at some of the things CeramiCircuit™ radiant heaters do better than traditional convective heaters:

1. Corrective Heating


 This guy is probably not doing the job.

Keeping with the restaurant theme, imagine you own a dining establishment that uses a forced-air gas heating system. The heat works well for the most part, but in the winter you lose business because customers don't want to sit by the drafty windows. Instead of plugging in hazardous, unsightly and ineffective space heaters, you opt to purchase four 945c Cove Heaters and place them over the window. The heaters warm the once drafty area, and you can seat more people, improving business and customer satisfaction.

2. Reaches Higher Temperatures


Our heaters don't make you feel like you're in a desert.

One great thing about radiant heaters is that unlike convective heaters, they don't transfer heat through the movement of fluids. Envision using a group of forced-air radiators to heat a hot yoga session. Not only would you have a problem reaching that temperature, but the air in the room would have a scorching, drying effect on your customers. Since our heaters use electromagnetic waves to heat objects instead of air, the required 106 degree temperature can be reached quickly without dryness.

3. Radiant Heat Feels Better


Enjoy the warmth. This man is... I think...

We've all probably experienced the feeling of sitting next to a radiator in wintertime that's loud and producing uncomfortable heat. The air is too hot and dry. With a CeramiCircuit™ heater, electromagnetic energy is directly warming you and the objects in the room. As you're gently bathed in electromagnetic energy, you feel like your being warmed by the sun on a nice autumn day. Not a bad feeling. 

4. Temperature Control

You can go this high if you want. The point is YOU control the temperature when and where you want.

Our programmable thermostats allow you to heat the area or rooms that you want. This cuts down on your heating bill, but also provides you with a consistent temperature. Since radiant heat heats people first, then the air, you can experience comfort at lower thermostat settings. Our heaters also warm up quickly, providing you with maximum warmth in a matter of minutes.

5. It Can't Be Avoided - CeramiCircuit™ Heaters Save You Money

Shaded under a money tree...

While I could elaborate on the fact that CeramiCircuit™ heaters produce zero emissions, or operate at low temperatures, ensuring little risk of a fire, perhaps the greatest benefit that our heating system offers is a reduction in your heating costs. An electrician can install our heaters at a reasonable price, and the heaters require no future maintenance. Electric radiant heat can offer savings up to 73% in energy costs over traditional heating methods.


For the record, my friend and I still enjoyed the food, but the restaurant was uncomfortable, and the owner would have benefited from a reexamination of their heating system. It doesn't cost much to install a CeramiCircuit™ heating system, and they do a better job than traditional heating systems. 

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