Maintenance for Your CeramiCircuit™ Heating System

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Most HVAC systems require significant maintenance. Whether you're a homeowner with a steam boiler or a building super with a large forced-air setup, it's not uncommon to put in several calls to a specialist every heating season. Things don't work, and you need heat. Unfortunately, having someone check-up on or repair your heating system costs you money and time.

Original manufacturing, instillation, service and replacement of equipment also has a negative impact on our environment. For example, it generally takes one wind turbine over 13 years work at 100% operational capacity to make up for the carbon footprint produced in its maintenance and manufacturing. Once installed, the need for service or replacement of CeramiCircuit™ heaters is minimal. Several of our panels have been operating in the field for over 60 years with no service or maintenance.


Original REH Radiant Electric Panel from 1948 removed during a 2009 remodel of a building in New York. Still operational after 60 years with no maintenance. Kind of looks like an old T.V. set.   


I've recently had several customers ask about cleaning their CeramiCircuit™ heating panels. The cleaning process is simple:

1. Disconnect power at the circuit breaker panel.

2. Wait for the heating element to cool.

3. Clean the area with a dry cloth.

4. Restore power. All done!

Typically the only maintenance you may want to perform on your heater is this easy clean. 

After instillation by a reputable electrician or HVAC specialist, your CeramiCircuit™ heating system should work well for years. And in the rare case that you experience a problem with your heating element, our Cove, BaseboardSurface Mounted and Lay-In Ceiling Heaters and come with a ten year limited warranty.

We've got you covered. Install the system and that's it. No maintenance is a great thing.     

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