Ceiling Heaters - Lay-in

"After 20 years of inadequate heat, the Lay-In panels are a perfect solution. With an office in an older high rise building without thermopane glass, there were few good options. The Lay-In panels hidden in the ceiling provide a supplemental source of instant, comfortable and silent heat. Highly recommended to improve room comfort."                                                                   - Bob B., Cleveland, OH

The CeramiCircuit™ Lay-In Ceiling Heater is ideal for institutional and commercial applications where acoustical tile ceilings exist. Install a few units to address a cold spot or use them as the primary heat source in an office. The 1624cl warms a room faster and can reach higher temperatures than other radiant t-bar ceiling heaters on the market. You save money, warming a room with less heaters, in a more energy efficient fashion. 

All Lay-In Ceiling Heaters require no maintenance after installation and come with a ten year limited warranty.