Cove Heaters

"For 14 years my family and I have lived in total comfort with ceramic radiant electric heat. The comfort it provides is outstanding. We don’t experience any cold spots, just constant, even heat.”                                                                                                                                                  - Vern N., Wauwatosa, WI

The CeramiCircuit™ Cove Heater is a great choice to heat virtually any space. Customers have been successful heating areas as diverse as Bikram yoga studios, full houses and drafty sections in restaurants. We offer a variety of Cove Heaters in different sizes and intensities to custom meet your heating needs. Like our Lay-In Ceiling Heater, our Cove Heaters are energy efficient and can reach and maintain a higher temperature quicker than any competing brand. Look below for a comparison between the CeramiCircuit Model 632C and a competing brand's Cove Heater  

CeramiCircuit Model 632c
585 Watts
10 minutes of continuing operation:


Calrod Construction's Cove Heater
600 Watts
10 minutes of continuing operation:



After ten minutes, the Model 632c is able to achieve a higher and more consistent operating temperature. The Model 632c also heats a greater amount of surface area than the Calrod Heater. Our heater does all of this while using less energy, cutting down on your heating bill. Read the full comparison here.

All Cove Heaters require no maintenance after installation and come with a ten year limited warranty.