Portable Heaters

"The portable heater was purchased for me as I have severe MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) and cannot tolerate most heat sources. Up to now actually, this new fantastic heater is the first heat I have had that has not made me dreadfully ill. It has probably saved my life as I went through 14 days in a cold snap with no heat, below freezing, and became insane with the cold... I am warm and cozy for the first time in months. Thank you so much!!!"                                                                                                                                   - Susy M., Gibson, British Columbia

The 1624P Portable Heater is made out of stainless steel and can be plugged into any electrical outlet. Unlike conventional space heaters, you don't have to worry about fire hazards or the dangers associated with leaving your heater plugged in for extended periods of time. The 1624P is perfect for an individual with environmental or chemical sensitivities. Many people who suffer from arthritis, allergies, or simply find the feeling of forced air irritating, have found comfort and relief with the 1624P. Buy a portable today and enjoy a consistent room temperature that feels great.

All Portable Heaters require no maintenance and come with a one year limited warranty. 

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